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Our partnership with Pixelated Noise has been exceptional. They have been a key partner in the development of our platform, delivering crucial features that have greatly improved its functionality and user experience. Their expertise in Clojure and excellent communication have been invaluable to our team. We highly recommend Pixelated Noise for any software development project.
Morgan Ross, Product & Technology Director — OnTheMarket
Pixelated Noise has been an invaluable partner in the design, development, and scaling of our product. Their expertise in Clojure, as well as their cloud systems architecture knowledge has been essential to our success. They also provided crucial support in hiring and mentoring the right talent for our team. I highly recommend them—their contributions have been critical to achieving our goals.
Georgios Grigoriadis, Founder & CEO — Baresquare
I'd love to find a way to work together again.
Bruce Durling, CEO & cofounder — Mastodon C